Robin Mientjes[ˈmiːn-chəs]

Here we are

It hit me very late in the process of making this site that I actually have some work to show to the world. So, a warm farewell to the old single-pager. Please welcome my new website.

Not only is it finally a clear overview of what I’ve made over the years, but it is also typeset entirely in my own work, which is equal parts neat and nerve-wracking. The type family, a collection of styles based on a sort of type-historic ‘what if’, is not yet complete, but what you’re seeing are a few of the most useful styles. I’ll write more about them when I have the opportunity.

Another important note to make is that the face logo, the little mustachioed guy with circular glasses, was drawn by my friend Sam, and it’s my favourite thing in the whole world.

This blog will probably not be as regularly updated as I’d like, but subscribe to the feed to never miss anything. I’ll also remark about it on my Twitter account.

Published on June 26, 2014